About the Rondos

The Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards were created by David Colton and Kerry Gammill at the Classic Horror Film Boards in 2002. The awards are fan-based, and have no connection to any commercial sponsor. Anyone in fandom can vote or propose nominees.

  The ‘Rondo’ award itself, a prototype sketch shown here,
features a bust sculpted by illustrator Kerry Gammill, and cast by modelers Tim Lindsey and Byron Salisbury.


  The statuette is a miniature version of the bust of Hatton seen in the Universal film, HOUSE OF HORRORS (1946).  The Rondos have been praised by recipients for their quiet beauty and evocation of classic horror.

  Nominees for the Rondo are selected from suggestions by horror fans, pros and enthusiasts offered all year at the CHFB. Each year’s nominees are finalized by classic horror fan David Colton (taraco@aol.com), with the help of other classic horror fans from around the world, and with expertise in all parts of fandom.

     Voting is then handled by an e-mail to taraco@aol.com

   Votes for the 22nd Annual awards, for work appearing in 2023, begins on February 27, 2024 and will continue through Tuesday night at midnight, April 16, 2024. Winners will be announced here and on the CHFB soon after.

   RULES: All work must have appeared in 2023. In some cases, work may have been published or available late in 2022.

    — Voters can vote in as many or as few categories as they want.  All ballots — either cut-and-pasted or typed — must be emailed to taraco@aol.comAll votes will be kept strictly confidential. No e-mail addresses, names or choices will ever be shared with anyone.

    — In all categories, votes are for work produced in the previous year. Example: In write-in categories such as Best Writer and Best Artist, for example, creators need to have produced a substantial amount of work in 2023. It is not a vote simply for your favorite writer or artist in general.

   — In the Best Book category, reissues of books are not normally eligible unless the book has been substantially revised, or its re-appearance is in itself noteworthy.

  — In the Best Magazine category, at least one issue of the magazine must have appeared in 2023.

  — In the Best Website category, the website needs to have had substantially new content in 2023. Similarly, the Favorite Horror Host category will only include hosts active in 2023.

  — Write-ins are accepted and counted. 

  — It is perfectly permissable to post on your or other websites about the Rondos, to urge fans to vote — for you or others — and to generally share the excitement of the awards. But overly organized voting campaigns are strongly discouraged and can result, at the sole discretion of the Rondo Awards Program, in a warning or even disqualification. ONE VOTE PER PERSON.

  — What is an ‘organized voting campaign’?   Massive chain-emails; voting under several names; filling out a ballot, duplicating it and mailing it to friends or co-workers who then send it in as a vote.   Simply be mindful of such common-sense limits and there should be no problem in getting out the vote across fandom.

— The bottom line: Urge folks to vote, but let’s keep this a fun vote for monster fans.

  Votes are tabulated by David Colton (taraco@aol.com).  Results will be posted here and at CHFB and various websites.

No email addresses nor any other information is ever shared with anyone.

  Thanks again and please spread the word in fandom that Rondo — Rondo XXII in fact! — time is here.

david colton