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— This year’s awards are dedicated to the work
and memory of David J. Skal —

1) BEST FILM OF 2023
Includes wide release, video-on-demand and streaming



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2) BEST TV PRESENTATION (only seasons from 2023)

— AHSOKA, Disney+ Reluctant Jedi encounters the ghost of Anakin Skywalker. ‘Let’s just say I didn’t follow standard Jedi protocol.’
— CHUCKY, SyFy. There’s a new visitor to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. ‘How do we get into the White House?’
— CREEPSHOW, Shudder. Anthology series in its fourth season. ‘See you around the graveyard, kid.’

BBC/Disney+ In series of specials, the 13th Doctor regenerates into a familiar 14th, and then a 15th. ‘I know these teeth.’
— THE FALLOF THE HOUSE OF USHER, Netflix. Mike Flanagan connects a modern world of Poe adaptations.  ‘In this little pill is a world without pain. This world needs changing.’
— FOUNDATION, Apple+ Isaac Asimov’s epic trilogy brought to life, with psychohistory twists. ‘I’ve met Hari Seldon. I’m used to fame.’

— THE LAST OF US, HBO. A young girl is immune to the violent infection that has decimated the world. ‘Bomb this city and everyone in it.’
— MONARCH: Legacy of Monsters. AppleTV+. Prequel series with Godzilla and the Titans. ‘If you want to save millions of lives, we can use some help.’
— STAR TREK: PICARD Paramount+. Every crew member of Next Generation unites against the Borg. ‘What began over 35 years ago ends tonight.’

— THE WALKING DEAD: Daryl Dixon, AMC. Fifth spinoff takes Daryl to Paris where zombie virus began. ‘If I don’t make it back, I want them to know I tried.’
 — WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS, FX. The misadventures of four vampires who live on Staten Island. ’Being a vampire is no different than being a human. We’re all just doing what it takes to survive.’
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3) BEST BLU-RAY OF 2023:

— BARBARELLA (1968; Arrow)
— BURN, WITCH, BURN aka NIGHT OF THE EAGLE (Imprint; 1962)
— THE CAT CREEPS (1946; Vinegar Syndrome)
— CURUCU, BEAST OF THE AMAZON (1956; Vinegar Syndrome)

— FLESH AND FANTASY (1943; Vinegar Syndrome)
— GORGO 4K (1962; Vinegar Syndrome)
— THE HORRIBLE DR. HICHCOCK (1962; Radiance)
— NIGHT OF THE HUNTER 4K (1955; Kino)

— ROBOT MONSTER 3-D (1953; Bayview)
— SHIVER OF THE VAMPIRES (Jean Rollin, 1971; Indicator)
— TARGETS (1968; BFI)
— THE TERROR (1963; Filmmasters)
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— BOLLYWOOD HORROR COLLECTION (Mondo Macabro) Six frightening monster films by India’s Ramsay brothers
— BORIS KARLOFF: Mr. Wong Collection (Kino), Mr. Wong, Detective, Mystery of Mr. Wong, In Chinatown, Fatal Hour, Doomed to Die.
— THE CHUCKY COLLECTION LIMITED EDITION (Arrow), all 7 films, plus a documentary.
— THE CRIMINAL ACTS OF TOD SLAUGHTER (Powerhouse), Sweeney Todd, Murder in Red Barn, Stephen Hawke, Face at Window, Crimes at Dark House, Never Too Late to Mend, Ticket of Leave Man, Sexton Blake
— CUSHING CURIOSITIES (Severin): Suspect, Man Who Finally Died, Cone of Silence, Bloodsuckers, Tender Dracula, plus 6 teleplays.

— DANZA MACABRA Vol. 1, Italian Gothic Collection (Severin), Monster of Opera, Seventh Grave, Scream of Demon Lover, Lady Frankenstein.
— MEXICO MACABRE. 1959-1963 (Indicator), Black Pit of Dr. M, Witch’s Mirror, Curse, Brainiac, Curse of the Crying Woman.
— THE PSYCHO COLLECTION 4K LIMITED EDITION (Arrow). All four films and extras on five discs
— THE PUPPETOON MOVIE Vol. 3 (Puppetoon Productions). Arnold Leibovit presents 28 more of George Pal’s animated shorts.
— THRILLERS FROM THE VAULT (Mill Creek). Black Room, Man They Could Not Hang, Before I Hang, Man with Nine Lives, Devil Commands, Boogie Man Will Get You, Return of Vampire, Five. Ballyhoo documentary.
— TOD BROWNINGS SIDESHOW SHOCKERS (Criterion). Freaks, The Unknown, The Mystic.
 VILLAGES OF THE DAMNED: Three horrors from Spain (Vinegar Syndrome): Beatriz, Forest of the Wolf, Flowers of Vice)
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— BARBARELLA (Arrow) Colors emphasized in 4K; alternate opening and closing credits.
— BEAST FROM HAUNTED CAVE (FilmMasters) Includes longer television version.
— BLACK SUNDAY (Kino) Upgraded release of AIP American version.
— COUNT DRACULA (Severin). Franco film restored from uncut negative.

— THE DEVIL DOLL (Warners). Restored from original elements.
— GORGO (Vinegar Syndrome). 4K makes film and colors shine.
— GOTHIC (BFI). Upgrade to high-definition of Ken Russell’s 1986 film.
— THE LEGEND OF BOGGY CREEK 4K (Boggy Creek; 1972) Quasi-documentary from a new print.
 NIGHTMARE (Severin). Restored version of 1981 shocker.

— ROBOT MONSTER (Bayview) 35 mm construct of complete 3-D feature.
— SPACE MONSTER WANGMAGWI (Srs Cinema) Long-thought lost 1967 Korean kaiju.
— TARGETS (Criterion). Upgrade supervised by Bogdanovich.
 THE TERROR Special Edition (FilmMasters). Best elements help the storyline emerge.
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— BARBARELLA (Arrow): ‘Dress to Kill’ discussion with fashion scholar Elizabeth Castaldo Lundén.
— THE CAT CREEPS (Vinegar Syndrome): Kim Newman on cats in cinema.
— CATMAN OF PARIS (Imprint): ‘Mark of the Beast: Myth Making and Masculinity,” video by Kat Ellinger.
— COUNT YORGA (Arrow): ‘I Remember Yorga,’ interview with Frank Darabont.
— CRIMINAL ACTS OF TOD SLAUGHTER: Eight commentaries, remastered radio plays, Stephen Thrower on his villain roles, 120 page book.

— CURSE OF SCREAMING DEAD/NIGHT OF HORROR (Vinegar Syndrome): Separate ‘makings of’ both films.
— CUSHING CURIOSITIES: A 200-page book,  ‘Cushing: A Portrait in Six Sketches,’ by Jonathan Rigby.
— DARK POWER (1985), ‘The Terror of the Tar Heel State,’ directed by Heather Buckley. The making of Phil Smoot’s film.
— THE DUNWICH HORROR (Arrow): ‘Door into ‘Dunwich,’ w/ Stephen Bissette, Stephen Laws; ‘Sound of Cosmic Terror.’ David Huckvale on Les Baxter score.
 — FASCINATION (Indicator): ‘Rituals’ updated documentary on the making of Jean Rollin film.

— GIANT GILA MONSTER/THE KILLER SHREWS (Film Masters): Ray Kellogg documentary by Daniel Griffith’s Ballyhoo Films.
— IT! THE TERROR FROM BEYOND SPACE (Kino), ‘Tidbits: Ephemera from Beyond Space,’ feature by Craig Beam.
— JACOB’S LADDER (Imprint) ‘Hidden in Plain Sight: Spirituality in Jacob’s Ladder,’ video essay by Alexandra Heller-Nicholas.
— MAUSOLEUM (1983; Treasured Films). John Harrison profiles Marjoe Gortner.
— SWAMP THING (88 Films). International cut with nudity.
— TWO ORPHAN VAMPIRES (Indicator): expanded documentary on 1997 Jean Rollin film.
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7) FAVORITE COMMENTATOR OF 2023 (Below is a representative sample, but feel free to WRITE IN your favorite).

— Rod Barnett, Adrian Smith (Danza Macabra/Castle of Blood)
— Craig Beam (It! Terror from Beyond Space)
— Heather Buckley, director Monte Markham (Neon City)
— Stephen Bissette
 (Gorgo, Return of Count Yorga)
 David DelValle, David DeCocteau (Appointment with a Shadow)
 Kat Ellinger (Monster of Opera; Dr. Hichcock w/ Annie Rose Malamet)

— Gary Gerani (The Martian Chronicles; Quatermass Xperiment).
— Dr. Steve Haberman, Constantine Nasr (The Devil Doll)
— Justin Humphreys w/ Jonathan Haze (Little Shop of Horrors)
— C Courtney Joyner, Steve Haberman (The Terror)
— Tim Lucas (Barbarella; Black Sunday AIP; Count Yorga)
— Greg Moffett, Mike Ballew, Eric Kurland, Lawrence Kaufman (Robot Monster)

— Kim Newman, Barry Forshaw 
(Flesh and Fantasy; Curucu)
— Amanda Reyes, Bill Ackerman (Texas Chainsaw Massacre)
— Debbie Rochon, director Jon Keeyes (American Nightmare; 2002)
— David J. Skal (Freaks)
— Tom Weaver  (Beast from Haunted Cave w/ Larry Blamire; Devil Commands; It! Terror from Beyond Space)
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Includes festivals and streaming channels.

— THE ANGRY BLACK GIRL AND HER MONSTER, directed by Bomani J. Story. A teenage girl resurrects her brother. See trailer here
— APPENDAGE, directed by Anna Zlokovic. Anxiety is not just a feeling. See trailer here
— BIRTH/REBIRTH, directed by Laura Moss Morgue technician reanimates a young girl. See trailer here
— THE BLACKENING, directed by Tim Story. Seven friends rely on horror street smarts to thwart killer at a cabin.  See trailer here.
— DELIVER US, directed by Lee Roy, Kane Kunz. Troubled pregnancy delivers Messiah and the Antichrist. See trailer here.
— HUESERA: The Bone Woman, directed by Michelle Garza Cervera. Soon-to-be mother must turn to witches to ward off evil. See trailer here
— INFLUENCER, directed by Kurtis David Harder. Social media star takes her influence too far. See trailer here
— THE INNSMOUTH SCHOOL FOR GIRLS, directed by Joshua Kennedy. A mysterious school lives up to its name. See trailer here

— NEFARIOUS, directed by Chuck Konzelman, Cary Solomon. Is a death row inmate haunted by a demon? See trailer here
— ONYX THE FORTUITIST AND THE TALISMAN OF SOULS, directed by Andrew Bowser. Satanist hosts meeting with demonic icon. See trailer here
 PARASOMNIA, directed by William Malone. New director’s cut follows a terrorized woman with a sleep disorder. See trailer here
— THE SACRIFICE GAME, directed by Jennifer Wexler. Holiday at a boarding school turns deadly. See trailer here

— SICK, directed by John Hyams. Family finds no safety as they rent a beach house during Covid. See trailer here
— TODD TARANTULA, directed by Ansel Faraj. A psychedelic mystery set in L.A. – and beyond!  See trailer here
— WHEN EVIL LURKS, directed by Demian Rugna. Demons called the Rotten possess a family in a rural town. See trailer here
— Or write in another choice:

— ICONIC, directed by Konstantin Pivovar, Lillia Le Dieu. (43 mins.) Praying to the Column leaves worshipers unsatisfied. See teaser here
— I, MONSTER, directed by Don Fearney (15 mins.) Documentary on 1971 film. See film here
— MAD SCIENTISTS: A.I. Maxima, directed by Antonia Tong (18 mins.) Synthetic intelligence clones those out to control it. See trailer here
— THE MAN IN THE GREEN SUIT, directed by John Goodwin (15 mins.) What really goes on behind the scenes of a giant monster movie. See film here

— TIP, directed by Anthony Rory Tran. (23 mins.) Always remember to leave a tip. See trailer here
— PAREIDOLIA, directed by Aaron Truss (13 mins.). Woman sees danger in random patterns. See trailer here
— THE PERFECT PLACE TO CRY, directed by Shane Bannon (7 mins.) A woman in a car as a stranger approaches. See teaser here
— UNDERBELLY, directed by Frank Dietz (8 mins.) Preview for proposed animated TV series. See film here
— Or write in another choice:


— AGAINST THE GRAIN, directed by Elijah Drenner (Lost Picture Show box set from Vinegar Syndrome). How film archivists such as Mike Vraney and others have preserved a cinema legacy.
— ATTACK OF THE KILLER TOMATO RETROSPECTIVE, directed by Dan Fowler. Screaming Soup presents a look at the rolling vegetable franchise.
— BACK TO THE DRIVE-IN, directed by April Wright. The delights and challenges of running modern-day drive-ins.
— DARIO ARGENTO PANICO, directed by Simone Scafidi. In-depth retrospective of Italian director’s career.
— HOLLYWOOD INTRUDERS: The Filmgroup Story, directed by Daniel Griffith. Three-part look at Roger Corman’s production company on Beast from Haunted Sea, The Terror, and Creature from Haunted Cave.

— KING ON SCREEN, directed by Daphne Baiwir. Surveying more than 80 films and series based on the master of horror.
— SHARKSPLOITATION, directed by Stephen Scarlata. Tracking the subgenre launched by JAWS.
— SPOOKTACULAR, directed by Quinn Monahan. Creation of Spooky World, the first horror theme park.
— THRILLER 40, directed by Nelson George. Looking at the Michael Jackson video that brought together John Landis, Quincy Jones and Vincent Price.
— Or write in another choice:

11) BOOK OF THE YEAR (non-fiction)
Note: List prices are often discounted.

— THE BLACK GUY DIES FIRST, Black Horror Cinema from Fodder to Oscar
, by Robin R. Means Coleman and Mark H. Harris (S&S/Saga Press, softcover, 336 pages, $15.99). Hundreds of films, from stereotypical silents to recent award-winners, trace the progression of Black characters in horror.
— BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN, edited by Emma Westwood (PS Publishing, hardcover, 194 pages, $28). A deep dive by various authors into the James Whale classic.
— THE CARD KING CHRONICLES: Vol. 1 The 70s, by Gary Gerani (Fantastic Press, softcover, 184 pages, $30). How Mars Attacks and other cards sparked the onslaught of monster and TV cards.
— CHRONOLOGY OF CLASSIC HORROR FILMS: The 1940s, by Donald C. Willis (Midnight Marquee, softcover, 328 pages, $30). From Universal sequels to Val Lewton horror noirs.
— CITIZEN KONG: A 90th Anniversary Appreciation, by Peter H. Brothers (Independent, softcover, 298 pages, $19.95). A fresh overview of every aspect of the all-time classic.

— CLASSIC MOVIE MONSTERS, by Donald F. Glut (Strange Particle, softcover, 527 pages, $16.25). Expanded look at nine original monsters.
— CORMAN/POE: Interviews and Essays Exploring the Making of Roger Corman Edgar Allan Poe Films, by Chris Alexander (Headpress, softcover, 150 pages, $27.95).
— CRYPTID CINEMA: A Boggy Creek Primer, by Stephen Bissette (Independent. Softcover, 114 pages, $29.95). Making of the 1972 cult favorite.
— THE DARK SHADOWS DAYBOOK, by Patrick McCray (Independent, softcover, 368 pages, $19.99). One hundred reviews and insights.
— DIE LAUGHING!, edited by Allan Bryce (Dark Side Books, softcover, 33.50 pounds). Dark Side’s guide to horror-comedies through the ages.

— THE EPIC SAGA BEHIND FRANKENSTEIN, THE TRUE STORY, by Sam Irvin (Independent, softcover, 406 pages, $45). Greatly expanded look at the making of the 1973 NBC TV movie.
— EURO HORROR, by Eric McNaughton, Darrell Buxton (We Belong Dead, softcover, 350 pages, $45). Survey of genre includes posters, illustrations.
— FACT, FICTIONS, AND THE FORBIDDEN PREDICTIONS OF THE AMAZING CRISWELL, by Edwin Canfield (Headpress, softcover, 326 pages, $25.21). Punishing the guilty, rewarding the innocent.
— GEORGE PAL: Man of Tomorrow, by Justin Humphreys (BearManor Media, softcover, 672 pages, $52).  Authorized biography of the director’s life and influential fantasy career.
— GIANT BEAST CINEMA, edited by Steven Peros and Mark Bailey (BearManor Media, softcover, 142 pages, $22). Contributors survey 33 classic giants, from apes to colossal men and women.

— HAMMER FILMS 1907-2023: The Whole Story, by the late Denis Meikle (Hemlock Books, hardcover, 440 pages, 32.95 pounds) Horror is only part of the story.
— THE HORROR! THE HORROR! A Film Fanatic’s Obsession with Cinema of the Macabre, by Dennis Daniel (Deep Red, softcover, 296 pages, $29.95).
— THE INCREDIBLY STRANGE FEATURES OF RAY DENNIS STECKLER, by Christopher Wayne Curry (McFarland, softcover. 263 pages, $39.95). Examining the filmmaker’s life and 50 underground films.
— I WALKED WITH A ZOMBIE, by Clive Dawson (Liverpool University Press, hardcover, 120 pages, $86). Deep analysis and stubborn mysteries solved.
— KING KONG: The ‘Lost’ 1933 Radio Scripts
, compiled by Martin Grams. (Softcover, 15 scripts, $33.95)

— KONG: An Original Screenplay by Edgar Wallace, bio and introduction by Stephen Jones (PS Publishing, hardcover, 254 pages, $39). Early draft shows Wallace introduced many concepts to the Kong myth.
— MOONLIGHT MARQUEE: The Werewolf Film Encyclopedia, edited by David C. Hayes (Slipway Cinema Press, hardcover, 458 pages, $89). Interviews and behind the scenes of filmdom’s wolves.
— A MYSTERY OF MYSTERIES: The Death and Life of Edgar Allan Poe, by Mark Dawidziak (St. Martin’s Press, hardcover, 288 pages, $28). Contrasting the poet’s life with revelations and myths about his death.

— THE OUTER LIMITS AT 60, by David J. Schow (Cimarron Street Books, softcover, 130 pages, $20). Expanded look at trailblazing sci-fi series.
— THE ROAD TO DRACULA: From Gothic Novel to Horror Classic, by Christopher Lock (Independent, softcover, 312 pages, $21.95)
— SCRIPTS FROM THE CRYPT 13, 14, 15: Mummy’s Hand, Mummy’s Ghost, Mummy’s Tomb, by Tom Weaver, Gregory Mank, other contributors (BearManor Media, softcover, 262-350 pages, $32-$45). Tracking the slow travels and rapid filming of Universal’s Kharis series.
— SOLDIER: From Script to Screen, by Danny Stewart (BearManor Media, softcover, 144 pages, $22). Behind-the-scenes, essays and interviews about the 1998 sci-fi film.
— TERROR DOWN UNDER: A History of Horror Film in Australia 1897-1973, by Daniel Best (McFarland, softcover, 309 pages, $39.95). How horror films confronted bans and censorship.
— THE THING: History of a Franchise, by Phil Hore (Markosia, softcover, 202 pages, $16.99). From ‘Who Goes There’ to thr 1951 classic, Carpenter and beyond.
— THE WICKER MAN: Official Story of the Film, by John Walsh (Titan, hardcover, 192 pages, $50). Christopher Lee and others remember the 1973 classic.
— Or write in another choice:
(Fiction that uses classic horror as jumping off points)
— BEASTS OF 42nd STREET, by Preston Fassel (Cemetery Dance, softcover, 250 pages, $17.99). A grindhouse film projectionist roams the sleazy side streets of 1977 Manhattan.
— THE BOOK OF RENFIELD, by Tim Lucas (Riverdale Press, hardcover, 340 pages, $29.99). Revised and expanded tale of Dracula’s disciple.
— DEAD MONKEY RUM, by Robert Guffey (Planet Bizarro, softcover, 192 pages, $12.99). Cryptozoic beasts race adventurers in Los Angeles.
— THE DEVIL’S PLAYGROUND, by Craig Russell (Doubleday, hardcover. 368 pages, $28). A search for the only copy of a famed horror film from 1927 is key to this thriller set in Hollywood.
— DRACULA OF TRANSYLVANIA, written and illustrated by Ricardo Delgado (Clover Press, softcover, 536 pages, $33.30). New take on the legend.

— GODZILLA AND GODZILLA RAIDS AGAIN, by Shigeru Kayama, translated by Jeffrey Angles (University of Minnesota Press, softcover, 256 pages, $19.95). First English translations of the kaiju novellas from the 1950s.
— IN THE SHADOW OF THE SKULL, by Amanda Desiree (Independent, softcover, 716 pages, $24.99). An island. A wall. Sacrifices. The legend of a Kong-like creature told from the islanders’ point of view.
— MARY AND THE BIRTH OF FRANKENSTEIN, by Anne Eekhout (HarperVia, hardcover, 320 pages, $16.75). Mary Shelley’s hallucinatory weekend at Lake Geneva, retold.
— PATRON SAINTS OF THE LIVING DEAD, by Frank Dello Stritto (Cult Movies Press, hardcover, 548, $31). Fact haunts fiction as classic film zombies roam the Caribbean and Pacific.
— PLATINUM WIDOW: Who Killed Jean Harlow’s Husband, by Gregory William Mank (BearManor Media, softcover, 358 pages, $33). Film luminaries appear in this latest  ‘Porter Down Hollywood Mystery.’

— SHAKESPEARE UNLEASHED, edited by James Aquilone (Monstrous, softcover, 380 pages, $19.99). Authors contribute 42 stories and sonnets based on the Bard’s ghostly plays and characters.
— Or write in another choice:

13) Best Magazine of 2023

— Bare*Bones
— Blood and Roses (Latarnia)
— Castle of Frankenstein
— Cinema Retro (UK)
— Classic Monsters of the Movies (UK)
— The Dark Side (UK)

— Deep Red
— Delirium
— Fangoria
— Filmfax
— Freaky Monsters
— G-Fan
— HorrorHound
— Infinity (UK)

— Little Shoppe of Horrors
— Midnight Marquee
— Monster Bash
— Phantasmagoria (UK)
— Retro Fan
— Rue Morgue

— Scary Monsters
— Scream (UK)
— Screem
— Shock Cinema
— Videoscope
— We Belong Dead (UK)
— Wonder
— Or write in another choice:

14) BEST ARTICLE (You can pick two)

— ‘Another Forgotten Face,’ by Jim Coughlin, MIDNIGHT MARQUEE #82. Revealing the lengthy career of actor Ted Billings.
— ‘Basil Rathbone, From Sherlock to Frankenstein,’ by Brian J. Robb, THE DARK SIDE #249.
— ‘Black Sabbath: 60 Years of Nightmares,’ by Ernie Rockelman, HORRORHOUND #99. A Mario Bava retrospective.
— ‘Blazing the Trail of Blaxploitation,’ by Kevin Nickelson, WE BELONG DEAD #38. A look at Blacula’s influence.

— ‘Cedric Hardwicke: Horror’s Knight of the Realm,’ by Alex Hopkins, CLASSIC MONSTERS OF THE MOVIES #28
— ‘Dwight Frye and the Curse of Renfield,’ by Greg Mank, FANGORIA #19
— “Elizabeth Montgomery’s Darkest Role,” by Jim Nemeth, SCARY MONSTERS #132. Bringing Lizzie Borden to life.
— ‘The End Is Fear,’ a special report by Rue Morgue editors and writers on A.I.’s coming impact on horror, RUE MORGUE #214.
— ‘Finding Lost Horizon,’ by Mike Hankin, INFINITY #58. The making of Frank Capra’s 1937 classic.

— ‘Freaks, Tod Browning, and Me,’ by David J. Skal, SCREEM #42. How the works of Browning launched the late scholar’s horror career.
— ‘The History of Fireside Science Fiction, Part One’ by Rod Bennett, WONDER #17. Tracing the roots of science fiction through classic films of Verne and Wells.
— ‘How the Success of Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein’ Ended Glenn Strange’s Tenure as the Monster,’ by Ryan Vandergriff, SCREEM #42
— ‘The Ghost of Frankenstein,’ by Tom Weaver, CLASSIC IMAGES #574 (Oct 2023).
— ‘Hellraiser: A HorrorHound Retrrospective,’ by Paul Kane, HORRORHOUND #97. 20 pages.

— ‘The High Point of Hagsploitation,’ by Rod Labbe, SCARY MONSTERS #132. The highs and lows of aging actresses in horror.
— ‘House of the Macabre: The Enduring Legacy of William Castle,’ by Kat Ellinger, SCREAM #79.
— ‘Leatherface: How the Legendary Trailer Came to Be,’ by Amanda Reyes, FANGORIA #18.
— ‘The Lost World,’ by John Navroth, PREHISTORIC TIMES #147. Revisiting the 1925 stop-motion classic.
— ‘Nosferatu: 100 Years of the Immortal Classic,’ by Jon Kitley, HORRORHOUND #96. 14 pages.

— ‘100 Weird Years,’ by Dejan Ognjanovic, RUE MORGUE #210. Retracing Weird Tales, including interviews with Ramsey Campbell and S.T. Joshi.
— ‘Painting a Portrait of Jennie’ by Gregory Kulon, INFINITY #62. Remembering the ghostly film of 1948.
— ‘The Plague of the Zombies,’ by Nige Burton, CLASSIC MONSTERS OF THE MOVIES #28. The staying power of Hammer’s undead.
— ‘Poe to Go,’ by John Hamilton, THE DARK SIDE #242. A deep dive into The Oblong Box.
— ‘Professor Quatermass in Films and on TV,’ by William Schoell, bare*bones #16.

— ‘Reflections After Dark: Drive-In Memories,’ by John Gilbert, MONSTER MEMORIES: Scary Monsters #130.
— ‘Remembering Mantan Moreland and Willie Best,’ by Steven West, WE BELONG DEAD #38. Dignity and talent despite the stereotypes.
— ‘The Road to Hill House: The Making of Robert Wise’s The Haunting,’ by Anthony McKay, LITTLE SHOPPE OF HORRORS #49
— ‘Subversion of Innocence: Reflections on The Black Cat,’ by Steve Vertlieb, FILE 770.
— ‘Terence Fisher and the Vampire Mythology,’ by Gary J. Svehla, MIDNIGHT MARQUEE #82. Exploring the first three Hammer Dracula films.

— ‘The Terror (1928): Hollywood’s First Background Score in a Talking Picture,’ by Gary D. Rhodes, JOURNAL OF FILM MUSIC 11.1. Vitaphone featured first background music heard along with dialogue.
— ‘A Toast to Old Hollywood,’ by Greg Mank, MONSTER BASH #50. Rare true stories about classic horror stars.
— ‘Why Can’t They Leave Me Alone: The Making of Evil of Frankenstein,’ by Constantin Nasr, LITTLE SHOPPE OF HORRORS #49.
— Or write in another choice:


— Dan Haggerty by Terry & Tiffany DuFoe, VIDEOSCOPE #121
— Daniel Roebuck by Lint Hatcher, WONDER #17
— Debbie Harry on Videodrome by Ernie Magnotta, RUE MORGUE #212
— Doug Jones, star of Nosferatu, by Jessica Dwyer, HORRORHOUND #96
— Elizabeth Shepherd on almost playing Emma Peel, by Anthony Taylor, RETRO FAN #26.

— Greg Cammon, makeup master by Ve Neill, FANGORIA #18
— Guillermo Del Toro (Parts 1-8), by Alan Jones, THE DARK SIDE
— J.D. Lees, G-Fan editor, by Nicholas Driscoll, G-FAN #140
— Jeffrey Konvits, author of The Sentinel, by Don Kaye, DELIRIUM #35
— Joe Bob Briggs by Rob Freese, VIDEOSCOPE #123

— Kevin Williamson, Scream writer, by James Vanderbilt, FANGORIA #19.
— Lambert Bava, by Eugenio Ercolani, SCREAM #77
— Lewis Teague, director of Cujo, by Andrew J. Rausch, SCREEM #42
— Mara Corday by Brian R. Young, FILMFAX #163-164
— Shaun Hutson, horror novelist, by Emma Dark, WE BELONG DEAD #35.
— Simone Scafidi, director of DARIO ARGENTO PANICO, by Maitland McDonagh, Alliance of Women Film Journalists
— Or write in another choice:


—- Emma Dark’s Dark Corner, WE BELONG DEAD
—- Deep Focus, by John-Paul Checkett, SCREEM
—- Devil’s in the Details, by Stacie Ponder, RUE MORGUE
—- Exordium, by Michael Gingold, FANGORIA

—- It Came from Bowen’s Basement, John Bowen, RUE MORGUE
—- Kaiju Korner, by Mike Bogue, SCARY MONSTERS
—- Kim Newman’s Dungeon, THE DARK SIDE
—- Overlooked in Hollywood by Laura Wagner, FILMS OF THE GOLDEN AGE
—- Ralph’s One & Only Traveling Reviews, by Richard Klemensen, LITTLE SHOPPE OF HORRORS

—- R&D, by David J. Schow, BARE*BONES
—- The Rochon Report, by Debbie Rochon, VIDEOSCOPE.
—- Rondo Remembers, by Ron Adams, MONSTER BASH

—- Scene Queen, by Barbara Crampton, FANGORIA
—- Strange Days by Jason Strangis, SCARY MONSTERS
—- They Came from the Krypt, by Jon Kitley. HORRORHOUND
—- Or write in another choice:

 >>REMINDER: To vote, send your choices to by Tuesday night at midnight, April 16.<<



Classic Monsters of the Movies #29
by Daniel Horne
DS249.jpg (78.77KiB)
The Dark Side #249
by Rick Melton
DEL35b.jpg (57.04KiB)
Delirium #35
by Ryan Brookhart
FANG18.jpg (61.93KiB)
Fangoria #18
by Gary Pullin
FF164.jpg (22.92KiB)
Filmfax #164
(Spanish poster art)
GFAN140.jpg (53.75KiB)
G-Fan #140 by Chris Scalf
HH99.jpg (43.08KiB)
HorrorHound #96
by Jason Edmiston
LSOH49.jpg (56.13KiB)
Little Shoppe of Horrors #49
by Ron Lizorty
MM82.jpg (45.89KiB)
Midnight Marquee #82
design by Sue Svehla
MB49.jpg (49.74KiB)
Monster Bash #49
by Sanjulian
SM133.jpg (59.16KiB)

Scary Monsters #133 by Scott Jackson
rue214b.jpg (66.88KiB)
Rue Morgue #214
by David Seidman
SCREAM76.jpg (69.63KiB)
Scream #76,
design by Imran Kelly
screem42b.jpg (60.83KiB)
Screem #42
by Mark Maddox
VS123.jpg (52.92KiB)
Videoscope #123
(Vinegar Syndrome)
WBD36.jpg (60.22KiB)
We Belong Dead #36
by Selene Paxton-Brooks
WON17.jpg (45.94KiB)
Wonder #17
by Jim Peavy

— Or write in another choice:


— Bill Fleck’s Classic Horror Behind the Scenes Author’s blog delves deep.
 BlackHorrorMovies   Too long ignored, revelations abound.
 Bloody Disgusting Tracking the latest across all horror platforms.
— Bloody Pit of Rod   Rod Barnett’s musings on monsters and horror.
— Cinema Dave Dave Montalbano’s world of monsters and music.

— Collinsport Historical Society  Barnabas shall never die.
— Confessions of a Cineslut  Kat Ellinger explores the rare and unusual.
— Count Gore De Vol’s Creature Feature Dungeon offers films, interviews, contests.
— Dinosaur Dracula A wild take on monsters and mayhem.
— The Doctor’s Model Mansion Collector Mark Glassy’s amazing monster displays.

— Dread Central Horror’s front page.
— Dr. Gangrene’s Cinetarium Movies and mad experiments.
— Final Girl  Stacie Ponder’s cinema survival guide.
— The Frankenstein Lens  Monster scholarship, unseen photos and fun.
— It Came From … Musings from nostalgia curator David Weiner.

— Monster Kid Central Richard J. Schellbach’s site offers columnists and news.
The Overlook Motel Tyler Doupe’s column at Dread Central.
— Ray Castile’s Basement of Horror All about the toys and masks of yesteryear.
— Robert Bloch Official Website Jim Nemeth hosts a comprehensive look at the master of suspense.
— Scared Silly  Paul Castiglia’s tribute to classic horror comedies.

— Trailers from Hell Joe Dante and friends talk over vintage trailers.
— Universal Horror & Classic Creatures A Facebook page with rare photos and more.
— Universal Monster Army  Ultimate destination for models, toys, collectibles.
 Universal Steve For 24 years, everything needed on Universal classics.
— Video WatchBlog  Tim Lucas on the magic of cinema, music and life.
— World of Monsters John Navroth’s 50-year obsession.
— Or write in another choice:


— Are You Scared of These Stories? Robert Hibbs spoofs horror tropes.
— B-Movie Cast Long-running podcast still going strong.
— Borgo Pass Horror Podcast The Universal horrors discussed in detail.
— Boys ‘N’ Ghouls Film Review Sarah and Mike Stephenson talk movies and more.
— Celluloid Cemetery Mark Bessenger digs deep.

— Colors of the Dark  Rebekah McKendry and Elric Kane celebrate latest horror releases.
Cult Radio a Go-Go  Pioneers of the horror-talk genre.
DieCast Movie Podcast Steven Turek and friends dissect films old and new.
— Discover the HorrorHosts Kitley,  AuBuchon, and Glonek discuss conventions and films.
— Faces of Horror Tom Grove’s series of interview with horrifying guests.
— Faculty of Horror Hosted by Andrea Subissati and Alexandra West.
— Frankenstein Minute   Podcast now dissecting SON (1939) minute by minute.

— Gates of Cimino Vito Trabucco and guests dissect favorite cinema
— Grimm Life Collective  Visits to real-life horror film locations.
— The Hysteria Continues Slashers get their cuts.
— Literary License Podcast The roots of monsters, Dr. Who and more.
— Monster Kid Radio Derek Koch and guests discuss classic horrors.
— Monster Party Always something different when it comes to horror talk.
— Monsters, Madness, and Magic Interviews, and magical reviews.

— The Movie Crypt  Adam Green, Joe Lynch offer artist-to-artist’ talks.
— Movie Dumpster  Podcasts rummages through cinema’s discarded gems.
— Planet 8 Podcast Talk and reviews of everything geek.
— Pod Mortem Discussions, dissections and riffs on horrors old and new.
— Professor Lampini’s Podcast of Horrors Classics rule for C Courtney Joyner and Jay Jennings.

— Ray Harryhausen Podcast Latest from the Ray Harryhausen Foundation.
— Scarred For Life The movies that horrified you as a kid.
— Steve & Crypto Show  On-the-news monster and pop culture talk.
— Terror at Collinwood Horror host Penny Dreadful explores the secrets of Dark Shadows.
— Or write in another choice:

20) BEST EVENT OF 2023

— Bettie Page Day. Historical marker in Nashville dedicated for cult icon’s 100th birthday.
— Blob Panic Re-enactment recreates run-out at same theater in Pennsylvania.

— Brinke Stevens presented with Inspirational Female Filmmaker Award at Etheria Film Festival, by Joe Bob Briggs.
— A Deeper Look, festival of 3-D films, including NYC premiere of restored ROBOT MONSTER 3-D at Film Forum.

— Frank Dietz at Louisville Gore Club reveals the zany truths behind filming Zombie Nightmare.
— Horror historians Frank Dello Stritto (zombie films), and Greg Mank (Of Mice and Men), lecture at Monster Bash.
— Indianapolis Chamber Orchestra presents Michael Shapiro’s score to Frankenstein.
— It’s Alive panel with author Julian David Stone and Laemmle great-grand niece Antonia Carlotta at Son of Monsterpalooza.

— King Kong at Ninety Exhibition at Eastern Michigan University included speakers Greg Kulon and Conor Heaney of Harryhausen Foundation.
— John Landis presented with Vincent Price Award by Victoria Price at Hollywood HorrorFest.
— Final episode of Mick Garris’ Post Mortem podcast is held live at Hollywood’s Egyptian Theater.
— Renfield Speaks. Live streaming Q&A with Nicolas Cage at Alamo Drafthouse Theaters.

— Ricou Browning’s life celebrated in live stream on Universal’s Tik-Tok page.
—  Stoker on Stoker. Great-grandson Dacre Stoker reveals family secrets of Dracula, the novel, at Anderson University in South Carolina.
— Tailypo radio drama tells the tale of Appalachian folk creature, Broward County, Fla.
— Truest Blood panel at Monsterpalooza includes Kristen Bauer, who played vampire Pamela.
— Unspeakable: The Films of Tod Browning: 17-film screenings at Lincoln Center.
Or write in another choice:


— Arachna of the Spider People (Beware Theater)
— Big Chuck and Lil John (Cleveland)
— Bobby Gammonster (Monster Movie Night)
— The Bone Jangler (and Enchantress Nocturna)
— Captain Calico Drake (Dead and Buried)
— Count Gore De Vol (Creature Feature)

— Doctor Sarcofiguy (John Dimes)
— Don O’Malley (Breakfast Serials)
— Drac and Countess Carita (Transylvania Tonight)
— Dr. Dread (John Murray)
— Dr. Dreck (Dungeon)
— Dr. Gangrene Presents
— Dr. Madblood’s Manor

— Elvira, Mistress of the Dark
— Gruesome Graves (Haunted Hotel)
— Halloween Jack (The Monster Channel)

— Halloween Harvey (Festival of Fear)
— Hexen Arcane (Vortexx)
— Igorro (The Igorro Show)
— Jeffrey Macabre (ShockFest)
— Joe Bob Briggs and Darcy the Mail Lady (The Last Drive-In)
— Karlos Borloff (Monster Madhouse)

— Lamia, Queen of the Dark (Horror Hotel)
— Lord Blood-Rah (Nerve Wrackin’ Theatre)
— Marlena Midnite (Midnight Mausoleum)
— Mistress Malicious (Mistress Peace Theater)
— Mr. Lobo (OSI74)
— The Mummy and the Monkey (Hairy Scary Hangout)

— Penny Dreadful (Shilling Shockers)
— Ritch and Triv (The Midnight Movie)
— Sally the Zombie Cheerleader (Vortexx)
— Son of Ghoul (Ohio)
— Stan the Mechanic (Brooklyn)
— Svengoolie (Berwyn)
— Vincent Van Dahl, Tangella, Mr. Livingston (Creature Features, Bay Area)
— Zelda, Bird & Theo (Offbeat Cinema)
— Or write in another favorite host


— THE ART OF THE ZOMBIE MOVIE, edited by Lisa Morton (Applause). More than 500 posters, stills and pressbooks.

— THE AMAZING MOVIE POSTERS OF THAILAND, by Neil Pettigrew, Phil Jablon (Dark Side, 300 pages, $44). Hundreds of posters from Thailand’s 1960s-80s,
— BLACULA: Return of the King, by Rodney Barnes, Jason Shawn Alexander. Graphic novel finds Blacula in search of Count Dracula.
— THE CHILLINGLY WEIRD ART OF MATT FOX (TwoMorrows). His pulp paintings for Weird Tales, Atlas Comics and other disturbing images.
— COUNT CROWLEY: Amateur Midnight Monster Hunter, Vol. 2, by David Dalmatchian, Lukas Ketner, Laurfen Affe. (Drak Horse). Monsters have fake news, too.

— DRACULA: Son of the Dragon, by Mark Sable, Salgood Sam (Sablevision). The historic or mythic roots of Dracula’s ancestors.
— A GUEST IN THE HOUSE, by Emily Carroll (First Second). Hardcover graphic novel about a couple’s unexpected visitor.
— HALLOWEEN GIRL: Book Two, The Reckoning, by Richard T. Wilson, Eleanora Garafolo  (Mad Shelley Comics). Has Charlotte returned?
— MONSTERS Halloween Edition Trading Cards, by Mark Spears. Classic monsters reimagined.
— MONSTROUS MAGAZINE (Monstrous Books). Illustrated tales of mystery and menace.
— NIGHTMARE ON ONE-SHEET: The Horror Art of Graham Humphreys (Korero Press). Almost 100 new paintings based on classic and new films.

— SHUDDER (Warrant). Keeping the spirit of Warren magazines alive.
— TERROR IN THE ALIEN REALMS, by Pat Tremblay and 50 Collaborators (ailienrealms). Helped by AI, imaginary posters and reviews of imaginary films.
— THE VXX BOOK OF MASKS, by Chris Mayrides. (VXX). Softcover collecting the famed work of maskmaker Darrell Vidaurri.
— Or write in another choice:




23. BEST WRITER OF 2023 

24. BEST ARTIST OF 2023 (all formats)

25. BEST FAN ARTIST OF 2023 (The Linda Miller Award)

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26. MONSTER KID OF THE YEAR (Who did the most to advance the cause of classic horror scholarship, film preservation or genre fun).

27. Special Recognition (Whose work or energy in 2023 deserves special mention).

— Which fans, pros, writers, researchers, horror hosts or others should be inducted into the Rondo Awards Monster Kid Hall of Fame? Suggest up to six names of folks who have helped fandom grow.


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This year’s awards are dedicated to David J. Skal — 1952-2024 — who never
stopped searching for the souls of the monsters.
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